Discovering Mississippi 2006 Wall Calendar
10"x  19" (open)  10 " x 10 1/2" (closed)

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cover04.jpg (12099 bytes)
On the Campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg
sunset04.jpg (7142 bytes)
At Clark Creek Natural Area of Southwestern Mississippi
feb04.jpg (9536 bytes)
The Governor's Mansion in Jackson
mar04.jpg (11138 bytes)
The Biloxi Lighthouse on the Gulf Coast
apr04.jpg (10643 bytes)
A View of the Mississippi River from the St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge
may04.jpg (11597 bytes)
The State Capitol in Jackson
may04.jpg (11597 bytes)
At Pass Christian Along the Gulf Coast
jun04.jpg (8538 bytes)
At Mynelle Gardens in Jackson
jul04.jpg (8782 bytes)
At Rowan Oaks in Oxford, Home of William Faulkner
aug04.jpg (10472 bytes)
In the Black Creek Wilderness Area within De Soto National Forest
sep04.jpg (10889 bytes)
The Windsor Ruins
nov04.jpg (11129 bytes)
Longwood in Natchez

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